Celery Recipes

Celery Recipes

Celery is very mild in flavor, but is versatile and easy to cook with, and is thus found in cuisines around the world. When the root is used, it is referred to as celeriac. Most often the crisp, leafy stalks are used in as the base of stews and soups, such as in the "Holy Trinity" of celery, onions and bell peppers found in Southern American Creole and Cajun cooking, or in traditional dishes such as chicken noodle soup.

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About Celery:

Celery is a popular vegetable found in a wide variety of cuisines from around the world. The vegetable consists of leaves, a crisp stalk, and a fleshy root. Celery seeds are also cultivated, and are sometimes used for flavoring or spices, or as an additive in perfumes and pharmaceuticals.

Celery root, or celeriac, is edible both raw and cooked, and tastes similarly mild to the upper part of the celery stalk. It is most often roasted or stewed, and appears in soups and casseroles in place of celery stalks, or in casseroles as a crisp and mildly flavorful vegetable. Celery seeds most often appear in modern cooking as celery salt, which can be used in drinks like Bloody Mary's, or to season any dish.

Since celery is such a mild and versatile dish, it appears in everything from stir fry dishes to casseroles. It often is used to add texture to salads, or a mild flavoring to broths and stews.

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